Maria Berasarte is the ‘naked voice’. Naked because it bears no artifice or ornament. It is pure, essential, clear and transparent. But naked as well because it takes down the walls and strips off all attire; it goes under the skin until it touches the soul as only few are able to do; then shakes it, shocks it and sways it. A powerful, sonorous weapon, which makes her today’s premier international Basque artist. Her voice is without borders and yet crosses all of them.

Her passion for Portugal and its sonority is well known and it is there where she chose to record her first album ‘Todos las horas son viejas’ (Universal records), in English: All the hours are old, an album shrouded in fado. The Portuguese critics gave their acclaim by calling it the best fado album ever recorded by a foreign voice. The great Carlos do Carmo himself, a living legend of fado and recently awarded a Grammy for his music career, put her on stage for the world of fado to enjoy.

Her most recent recording ‘Subita’ (Sudden) is an ode to the essence in which her Iberian roots are deeply felt. She has a unique and personal way to sing in which her naked voice wraps itself in emotion and can almost be touched. France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Morocco, China, Mozambique, England and Portugal are among the places where this bask artist has made her voice resonate. A bold and melancholic roar which not only leaves bear the soul but conquers it.

(Translated and adapted from Spanish by Adeline Thornton)



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  • Súbita

    DELIRIO María Berasarte & Pepe Rivero (2019)

  • Súbita

    Súbita (2015)

    • 01 La fiesta
    • 02 Fado de Invierno
    • 03 Agua en la boca
    • 04 Piensa en Mí
    • 05 Txoria Txori
    • 06 Intro
    • 07 Contigo
    • 08 Ve y dile
    • 09 MS
    • 10 Não es tu
    • 11 Palhaço
    • 12 Rodando
    • 13 Que Nome Posso Ter
  • Súbita

    Aguaenlaboca (2014)

    • 01 Cosas Que No Sé
    • 02 Todas la Horas Son Viejas
    • 03 Contigo
    • 04 La Fiesta
    • 05 Desnudar Los Desnudos
    • 06 Rodando
    • 07 Fado de invierno
    • 08 Piensa En Mí
    • 09 Txoria Txori
    • 10 Sin Mirar Lo Que Me Pongo
    • 11 Dos Pajarillos
    • 12 Que Nome Posso Ter
    • 13 Aguaenlaboca
    • 14 Palabra Triste
    • 15 Cogiendo Tablas
    • 16 Tal Vez Esto Sea El Mar
  • Súbita

    Todas las horas son viejas (2008)

    • 01 Tal vez esto sea el mar
    • 02 Desnudar Los Desnudos
    • 03 Todas Las Horas Son Viejas
    • 04 Dos Pajarillos
    • 05 Cogiendo Tablas
    • 06 Cosas Que No Sé
    • 07 La Nodriza
    • 08 Calle Del Olvido
    • 09 Palabra Triste
    • 10 Sin Mirar Lo Que Me Pongo
    • 11 Donde Fuimos


Photography: Luis de Barros - Clothing: Minimil